Petra Karthaus
Cool Chic European Couture
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Welcome to Petra Karthaus

With an exquisite feel for trends and modern classics we offer the sophisticated, self-confident woman elegant and unique European designs. From first class quality produced in Germany, to innovative and colorful collections from France, and feminine elegance made in Belgium, our boutique store has always stood for excellent service and a wide variety of individual styles from across Europe.

What separates us, is our special focus on perfect fit and exclusive designs. To always achieve the best results in making you look fabulous, we work in collaboration with one of Toronto’s best dressmakers and travel personally to Europe to buy with your preferences in mind.


  • Aldo Martins
  • Just White
  • Caroline Biss
  • Bogner
  • Schneiders
  • Devernois
  • Eric Javits
  • van Laack
  • Gardeur
  • Carella
  • J.J. Garella
  • Mabrun
  • Margittes
  • Petrusse
  • Rene Lezard